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Pap Ed's Poem

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I wrote a poem and bout the football team and they're really grand
But then I got to thinking, I forgot about the band
So I want to say a few words
And I hope its not too late
The fans enjoy the music of the best band in the state
The players get the accelodes and kudos from the fans
But we practice twice as long; we're the mighty Tide band
We practice at home and drive our parents wild
But its all worth it when they look out and say 'That's my child'
So let the players get the headlines and their pictures in the press
We the mighty Tide band know that we're the best
Let them have their glory, to us its no big deal
We know that few of them could carry a tuba 'round the field
So raise your glass and make a toast I'm sure you'll understand
We don't need the headlines, we're the mighty Tide band

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