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My Friends
Love all of you guys! Thanks for always being there for me and putting up with me!


A friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.


A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.


  A Good Friend...

Accepts you as you are,
Believes in you,
Calls you just to say "Hi!"
Doesn't give up on you,
Envisions the whole of you!
Forgives your mistakes,
Gives unconditionally,
Helps you when you need a hand!
Ignores your little flaws,
Just wants to be with you,
Keeps you close to their heart,
Loves you for who you are!
Makes a difference in your life!
Name is usually sam,
Offers support,
Picks you up when you're down!
Quiets your fears,
Raises your spirits,
Says nice things about you, and
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it!
Understands you,
Values the good things in you,
Walks beside you through sun or rain!
Xplains things you don't understand,
Yells when you won't listen, and
ZAPS you back to reality when you need it!



You're my best friend in the whole wide world! We've had some crazy times together and lots more to come! All our times from soccer and band! Me and you are the biggest band geeks that ever lived!  Thanks for always being there for me and always being the best friend a girl could have! Never ever change! Love ya!

My wife! We've gotten married over 150 times! All you need is love! I love to wee with you! haha What time is it?! GAME TIME! Thanks for everything! You're a great friend! Never ever change! Love ya!

Heyeh Babe! What can I say? You are just simply the best! We have some really crazy times together!Giant candy canes and fake snow! Pokemon slushies!Oh my God, we've been making octagons this whole entire time! Octogons! Do you hear me?! Octogons! Nobody panic, we have indeed been making hexagons!Haha "Why doesn't that fat man put a shirt on!?" "Because he's going to rape that girl and you really can't get anywhere with your clothes on, can you?" Your the greatest! Thanks for always being there for me! Love ya!

You are the funniest person that's ever lived! All the crazy stuff you do like your dinosaur and your bird. "When were cows invented?" haha That strange breed of cat from Mars that have no fur and spikes on their back! "Go outside and play children. You just put all those gluesticks in those vases for no reason, correct?!" I promise I won't tell anyone what you did in the Gap! Haha Throwing candy at that huge ball and it bouncing back and going behind the couch! You're hilarious even when you don't try to be! You're the best friend a girl could ask for! Neve change! Love ya!

 Sam K. Aka Hot Stuff
Spotting deer and the fair. Sam Kephart is the hottest guy on earth. Long walks on the beach. Watching the sun go down. Talking on the phone for hours and hours. Four wheeler rides. Leah is Sexy! Counting down the days til football starts. I'll cheer for you if you cheer for me. Best Football Buddies Ever! Iroppoi!Aishiteru. And all of our other Japanese words. Thanks for fixing my site. Your such a sweetie! haha You will always be the silliest! Love ya sexy!

All the fun times at your house! Riding down the stairs in sleeping bags, me and Hannah wearing your clothes, sled riding, Fear Factor parties, your candy drawer, and tons more! Playing padiddle and singing in the car on the way to soccer games. "Camelot is banned from the car!" The Lil Tank! She's going down! Coloring the sidewalk!Love ya!

Lunch, gym and health! I would die without you! Our volleyball serves are "Awful awful like a big fat waffle!" haha Sir Sagalot isn't breathing! Pickle ball Nazi! Sockey sockey sockey! Spencer Mencer! Your like a big juicy streak and I haven't eaten in days! All the band and soccer memories. Never forget 'em. Baritone buddies for life! Love ya!

I'm so glad you're in the pit! I would die without you! The Noteless Clarinets. Come on deaf man, Talk! Addicted to cerel. The Spongebob Box! I can't believe someone stole it! We hit a polar bear! Selling apple dumplings to the basketball team and Derek not knowing his address. Mini Bob! We're so crazy together! Love ya

Our crazy phone conversations. "What color is the purple guy?" Disney movies and musicals. Everything that has to do with Camelot (Rehersals, Truckstop, the parties) Thanks for always listening to my complaining and thanks for always taking me spotting! haha Your my hero! Love ya

"Will you suck the pee outta my head?" "Wow that would sound really bad if we were boys!" Our peppy hair. Your split and worm! Going to the guys scrimage. Our subs and beating up Stephanie. Were twins because we have the same hair and we both like subs! haha Your so cute! I love you!

All the crazy faces you make at lunch! haha Sticking flutes in your ears at band! You're the best! Never change. Love ya!

You're the best goalie ever! Soccer would never be the same without you! I haven't moved in days! Grr... haha Leah lunches on Mondays and Wednesdays! I can't believe you punched me in the nose! haha I guess i can forgive you this time but don't let it happen again! Watching Halloween movies at my house and screaming until we couldn't talk anymore (Well I was the one doing all the screaming. You just made fun of me) Love ya!

Holy big bug! I gotta fart! Oh those hot wings! Your the best therapist ever! Love ya!

Sliding down the hill in garbage bags and walking home in the rain. Wing night at Maynard's. Your birthday party was the best! You are so funny! Never ever change. Love ya!

Candy Mafian Sisters for life! Soup is good! Biting your nose and making you cry. Chasing water balloons down hills then carrying me back up the hill. haha You're the craziest person ever! Love ya

Stealing the boys pizza and Ryan walking in then putting their bikes in the shower, then blaming it on the football players! All the soccer and band memories. Don't forget 'em. Love ya!

"My cars a piece of shit, my best friend is gay, there was a toe nail in my dip and now I have dip on my arm! My life is over!" Stealing the boys pizza and Ryan coming into the locker room. That was the funniest day ever! Flipping the four wheeler over backwards... Twice! haha Love ya

Your my dilly! Milliron's party, that was a wild night! haha  Riding four wheeler's up at Danny's. That was awesome! I've never been so dirty in my life! We gotta do that again. Your my partner, not Andra's. Love ya whore! haha

You daredevil you! Trick-a-ma-ni-a-sis and Nancy! Haha You are so good to me! Love ya!

I love your belly button!! haha. We're the best bench warmers on the time!

I'm not done with this yet so if your my friend and your not on here not freak out. I'll get ya on here eventually